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180 Events from 180 Years: 1870s


The sophomore spoof of the Junior Exhibition upset many faculty members as this event was 1 of only 4 official public functions of Western Reserve College each year. At the Junior Exhibition, each member of the junior class delivered an oration and junior honors became public. The sophomores used the initials of the juniors and made fun of their oration topics.


Earliest class composite photograph in the Archives is of the Western Reserve College class of 1871. Pictured are 8 of the 30 members during their freshman year, 1867/68.


Carroll Cutler was inaugurated as Western Reserve College's fourth president.


Resources available to Medical Department students included a library of several thousand volumes, leading medical journals, natural history specimens, and anatomical models.


A Preparatory School was conducted under the authority of the trustees of Western Reserve College (and Adelbert College) for many years.


The Washington Birthday celebration, led by the sophomore class, began with the firing of a 22-gun salute.


Viola Smith Buell became the first woman to graduate from Western Reserve College, fifty years after its establishment.


Military instruction began at Western Reserve College.


Last known perpetual scholarship was sold by Western Reserve College. An individual would donate a required amount (it varied over time) and they and their heirs would receive free tuition in perpetuity. Pictured here is a certificate issued to a donor for 4 perpetual scholarships.


After its fifth decade, Western Reserve College boasted 56 students, a faculty of 12, tuition of $30, and a new Modern Languages course of study which substituted French and German for Greek. Pictured is a listing of the entire College faculty.

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve Archives, February 2006.