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180 Events from 180 Years: 1910s


The first Hudson Relay was held at Western Reserve University. The brainstorm of Monroe Curtis, Adelbert College Class of 1911, it was part of Undergraduate Day and consisted of a relay race among the 4 classes. The Relay was run from the original Western Reserve campus in Hudson to the newer campus in Cleveland.


Flag rush pitted the sophomores against the freshmen. The sophs' job was to defend the flagpole with the flag against the freshmen who sought to conquer the flagpole and claim the flag as their own.


Electric lights were installed in all classrooms in the Case Main Building.


The traditional Case School of Applied Science pushball contest was held on the football field. A clash between the sophomores and freshmen, the object during the 2-30 minutes halves, was to push the ball as close to the goal line as possible. "No serious injuries resulted from the contest and it furnished both participants and spectators with plenty of excitement."


The Martha Washington Party was held at the College for Women. An annual event, it was a masquerade where students dressed in costume. The minuet, danced by the juniors, was the special event of the evening.


The Case Club, a former church, was dedicated as the first student center of the Case School of Applied Science. It provided a gymnasium and swimming pool with a low ceiling (as seen here), as well as a place to relax and host social events.


First classes were held by Western Reserve University's School of Applied Social Sciences. Pictured is James E. Cutler, first dean of the School.


Lakeside Base Hospital Number Four, comprised of 256 men and women, including faculty from the School of Medicine, sailed for Europe one month after the United States entered World War I.


In response to the United States' entry into World War I, the Student Army Training Corps at Case School of Applied Science began induction of students. Pictured here are students drilling on the lawn between Case Main and Euclid Avenue (in the background).


The annual Yale-Harvard basketball game was held by the College for Women. The "all-stars" from each class or dorm basketball team were selected for the two teams by the Athletic Association. The game marked the end of the College's basketball season.

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve Archives, February 2006.