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Buildings Compendium


The staff of the University Archives has compiled summaries of buildings and grounds used by Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University, 1882-1949.

Information includes:

  • People associated with the buildings (architects, general contractors, donors, occupants)
  • Dates of significant events (construction, alterations, demolition, purchase, sale, ceremonies)
  • Formal and popular names
  • Descriptions (images, locations, size, architectural style)
  • Uses
  • Finances (costs and funding sources)

Information is included only during the time period that a particular building/space was under University control. Investment properties are not included.
Some information about some buildings is not available.
Unknown data is indicated by a question mark (?).

There are two indexes: alphabetical (arranged by building identifier) and chronological (arranged by date of first use). The building identifiers are derived from a controlled vocabulary created and used by the University Archives. Both lists link to detailed descriptions of the buildings.

All sources used are in the Archives and may be consulted in the Archives. We used:

These Kinds of Records
annual reports
architectural drawings
commencement programs
faculty/staff directories
newspaper clippings
press releases
student yearbooks
That Were Created By
Case Astronomy
Case Camp Case
Case Chemical Engineering
Case Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Case Civil Engineering
Case Dean
Case Development
Case Electrical Engineering
Case Engineering
Case Faculty
Case Geology and Mineralogy
Case Graduate Program
Case Humanities and Social Sciences
Case Industrial Liaison Office
Case Mathematics
Case Mechanical Engineering
Case Metallurgy
Case Organizational Sciences
Case Physics
Case Plant Operations
Case President
Case Public Relations
Case Students
Case Trustees
Case Trustees Secretary
CWRU Attorney
WRU Attorney
WRU Medicine Faculty
WRU Plant Services
WRU President
WRU Secretary
WRU Students
WRU Trustees
WRU Vice President for Development
Organized in These Series
ID School Records
University-wide Publications
20AA Case Catalogs, 1881-1983
[searched only 1881-1949]
1AA WRU/CWRU Catalogs, 1830-2003
[searched only 1880-1949]
24AA WRU Medicine Catalogs, 1843-1995
[searched only box 1]
19DA1 Case Annual Reports, 1886-1967
[searched only 1886-1949]
1DA WRU/CWRU Annual Reports, 1886-2002
[searched only 1886-1949]
20PY Case Student Yearbooks, 1896-1972
[searched only 1896-1949]
4PY WRU/CWRU Student Yearbooks, 1884-2001
[searched only 1884-1949]
22PY WRU Mather Student Yearbooks, 1897-1954
19H Case Histories, 1877-1963
[searched only box 1 folders 2, 3]
19AD Case Faculty/Staff Directory, 1939-1969
[searched only 1939-1949]
7PA6 WRU/CWRU Faculty/Staff Directory, 1922-2003
[searched only 1922-1949]
1VC1 WRU/Case Commencement Programs, 1883-2002
[searched only 1883-1949]
University-wide Governing Bodies
19BE Case Trustee Minutes, 1880-1967
[searched only 1880-1949]
2JD WRU Trustee Minutes, 1826-1941
[searched only 1880-1941]
2JE WRU Prudential Committee, 1912-1932
2JG WRU Trustee Facilities and Endowment Committee, 1928
2KD WRU Trustees Minutes, 1884-1941
2KE WRU Trustee Executive Committee, 1885-1939
2KP WRU Trustee Budget Committee, 1931
2LD WRU Trustees Minutes, 1941-1957
2LE WRU Trustee Executive Committee, 1939-1957
Senior Administrators
19DB1 Case President Cady Staley, 1881-1911*
19DB2 Case President Charles Howe, 1902-1932*
19DB3 Case President William Wickenden, 1929-1947*
19DB4 Case President T. Keith Glennan, 1932-1965*
[searched only box 3]
1DB6 WRU President Charles Thwing, 1883-1937*
1DB7 WRU President Robert Vinson, 1919-1933*
1DB8 WRU President Winfred Leutner, 1923-1956*
19BB2 Case Trustees Secretary, 1879-1934
[searched only boxes 1, 2]
19ND Case Treasurer and Vice President of Administration and Finance, 1917-1973
[searched only boxes 5, 7, 8, 11, 12]
2DB WRU Secretary/Treasurer, 1833-1959
20DB2 Case Dean Elmer Hutchisson, 1946-1956*
[searched only box 28]
20DB3 Case Dean Karl McEachron, 1956-1974*
[searched only box 2]
Administrative Departments
6LP WRU/CWRU Attorney Property Files, 1917-1989
19KD Case Plant Operations, 1954-1964
[searched only boxes 2, 3, 4]
6PD WRU/CWRU Plant Services, 1929-1971
[searched only records dated before 1949]
19PD Case Public Relations, 1941-1969
[searched only boxes 1, 4, 5]
7DB1 WRU Vice President for Development, 1947-1950
19JF Case Fundraising Campaigns, 1926-1970
[searched only box 1]
7FK1 WRU Fundraising Campaigns, 1941
7FS21 WRU Adelbert College Fundraising Campaigns, 1930-1931
7FS22 WRU Flora Stone Mather College Fundraising Campaigns, 1906
19PI Case Industrial Liaison Office, 1949-1955
[searched only box 2]
19ZA Case Archives, 1949-1969
[searched only box 2 folder 1]
Faculty/Academic Departments/Programs
19FF Case Faculty, 1887-1967
[searched only 1887-1949]
24FJ WRU/CWRU Medicine Faculty, 1843-1982 [searched only box 1]
19FH Case Astronomy, 1930-1965
[searched only boxes 1, 2, 3 and combination box 2]
19FI Case Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 1889-1967
19FJ Case Mathematics, 1944-1967
19FK Case Physics, 1899-1964
19FL Case Engineering, 1944-1967
[searched only boxes 1, 3, 4 and combination box 2]
19FM Case Chemical Engineering, n.d.
[searched only combination box 2]
19FN Case Civil Engineering, 1942-1964
[searched only box 1]
19FP Case Electrical Engineering, n.d.
19FQ Case Mechanical Engineering, 1887-1961
19FR Case Metallurgy, 1905-1960
19FS Case Organizational Sciences, n.d.
[searched only combination box 2]
19FT Case Humanities and Social Science, n.d.
[searched only combination box 2]
19FZ3 Case Geology and Mineralogy, n.d.
19GH Case Graduate Program Histories, n.d.
19GL Case Graduate Program Lecture Series, n.d.
19ZC Case Camp Case, 1919-1946
[searched only box 2]
20MN Case Navy V-12 Program, n.d.
20MW Case World War I Training Program, n.d.
Personal Papers
19BI77 Case Frank Quail, 1911-1973*
19IN2 Case Jason J. Nassau, 1919-1977*
[searched only box 2]
19IT2 Case Karl Thompson, n.d.
19IY1 Case Herbert Young, n.d.
24X WRU Medicine Predecessor Schools, 1864-1910
[searched only box 3]
61B WRU Pharmacy By-laws and Charters, n.d.
[searched only box 1]
19DC Case Central Files,
[searched only boxes 52, 78, 81]
1K Case/WRU/CWRU Buildings, 1826-2003+
[searched only 1880-1949]
1KB Case/WRU/CWRU Architectural Drawings, 1826-2003+
[searched only 1880-1949]
1KI WRU Building Inventories, 1921-1964
24KM WRU/CWRU Medicine Buildings, 1885-1967
[searched only box 1]
1KM Case/WRU/CWRU Maps, 1880-1990s
[searched only 1880-1949]
19ZY Case Reference File, 1851-1965
[searched only box 4 folder 9]
QuikRef Case Ms. Pinches' Case Firsts, 1877-?
QuikRef Case/WRU/CWRU Buildings, n.d.

* These dates are the span of the record series, not the individual's tenure in office. For personal papers, these dates are the span of the record series, not the individual's life span.