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The Changing Campus: 1980

The challenges posed by Federation, compounded by dropping enrollment nationwide, and cut-backs in federal funds created fiscally-tight conditions on campus throughout the 1970s. After the completion of Gund Hall for the Law School in 1971 and the dedication of the Health Sciences Center in 1972, the only building construction on campus until 1986 was the renovation of Thwing Hall and Hitchcock Hall into Thwing Center in 1980. This renovation included the addition of a bookstore and atrium. The dedication of Thwing Center was held in conjunction with the inauguration of David V. Ragone as third president of CWRU in November 1980. The newly-remodeled Thwing Center was featured in the January 1981 issue of Architectural Record.


The last 10 years saw the disappearance of a campus landmark. In 1972 the venerable Case Main Building was razed. Many alumni fought to save the building, but the wrecking ball hit in March. All was not forgotten, however. The Michelson-Morley fountain was located on the site of Case Main. The stones and decorative elements from Case Main were saved and used in the landscaping around the fountain and in front of Yost and Pardee Halls. The Case Quad was renamed the Kent Smith Quadrangle, and the sign for the Case campus, located on the southeast corner of Euclid Avenue and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, incorporated stone from Case Main. Alumni also received stones as souvenirs.

Number of buildings in use by CWRU in 1980: 98.

This map shows the campus in 1981. The new Law School building (Gund Hall) is located on East Boulevard, across from the Garden Center. This map shows the architect's intent which was to have Gund Hall shaped liked a gavel. Also notice that Case Main is now missing.
Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, November 2004.