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The Changing Campus: 1970

The decade ending around 1970 saw the highest level of growth at Case and the highest since the 1920s at WRU, as well as the federation of Case and WRU into CWRU.

13 dormitories and 3 commons were built for WRU students, and 15 dormitories and fraternities and 2 commons were built for Case students.

The Health Sciences Center (the Nursing School, Dental School and Sears Tower and the Robbins Building (east wing of the Medical School), and the underground parking garage, and cafeteria) was built. In addition to the Health Sciences Center, WRU completed the Wearn Building and Millis Science Center.

Case continued building up its campus with completions of the Charles M. White Metallurgy Building, Olin Laboratory for Materials, Crawford Hall, and Glennan Space Engineering Building.

Number of buildings in use by CWRU in 1970: 129.

This map shows the "new" campus of the "new" university: CWRU. We see new dormitory complexes on Murray Hill and Carlton Roads, as well as Magnolia Drive, Juniper Drive and East 115th Street. The new Health Sciences Center (next to the old Medical School) is located below University Hospitals on the map.
This aerial shows the new dorms built by WRU and in the foreground the edge of Finnigan Fields (the new athletic fields of the new CWRU).
north side dormitories
university campus
This aerial gives an interesting view of the original part of the two campuses, now united as one. Note the disappearance of Clarke Field.
This aerial provides a view of the dorms built by Case. Cedar Road is in the foreground. Murray Hill Road is the street before the railroad tracks. Though not evident on this photo, Carlton Commons, Michelson, Glaser, and Kusch, and the four fraternity buildings next to them are on a hill.
south side dormitories
Health Sciences Complex
This aerial shows the new Health Sciences Center. (It was renamed The Louis Stokes Health Sciences Center in 1994.) In the center is the new Dental School. To its left is the East Wing of the Medical School (re-named the Robbins Building in 2003). The Health Sciences Library is on the first two floors of this building. The tall building immediately behind it is Sears Tower. To the right of the Dental School is the Nursing School. A parking garage is under these three buildings.
Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, November 2004.