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The Corporations of CWRU


  "The very fact that Western Reserve does not run true to the common patterns prevalent in the country makes it difficult to explain our organization easily to others."  
-Winfred George Leutner

In spite of the complexities, which have only increased since President Leutner's 1938 comment, the staff of the Archives has compiled this summary of the legal entities of Case Western Reserve University and its predecessors. Included are the dates each was established and terminated and their names. A similar summary has been made of the academic entities, the Schools of CWRU.

Chart of Corporations

1826 Western Reserve College incorporated.
1848 Cleveland Library Association incorporated.
1880 Cleveland Library Association renamed Case Library.
1880 Case School of Applied Science incorporated.
1882 Western Reserve College renamed Adelbert College of Western Reserve University.
1884 Western Reserve University incorporated.
1886 Cleveland School of Pharmacy incorporated.
1906 Dental School sold to Western Reserve Dental School Company, a for-profit corporation.
1917 Dental School re-purchased by Western Reserve University.
1919 Cleveland School of Pharmacy incorporated into WRU.
1924 Cleveland School of Architecture incorporated.
1925 Cleveland College incorporated.
1941 Adelbert College, Cleveland School of Architecture, and the Case Library consolidated with WRU.
1942 Cleveland College consolidated with WRU.
1947 Case School of Applied Science renamed Case Institute of Technology.
1967 Case Western Reserve University established through merger of Case and WRU.

This summary was compiled by staff of the Archives from sources in the custody of the Archives.

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