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Case Western Reserve University Archived Web Sites


Collection Policy

Since November 2015 the University Archives, in partnership with Archive-It, has been capturing Case Western Reserve University’s public web site. Here is what is included:

    Public: pages needing a sign-in are not harvested
    Who: Case Western Reserve University’s
      • schools and divisions
      • academic and administrative departments
      • centers and institutes
      • representative and governing bodies
      • recognized student groups
      • alumni associations and affinity groups
    What: text, PDF, embedded images, video and audio files are included
    Where: pages within the domain (e.g., or subdomain (e.g., are included
    When: pages published 2000 to the present;
      quarterly crawls are made in February, May, August, November
    Content that is not currently captured due to technical issues
      • calendars
      • pages with robots.txt exclusion requests
      • JavaScript-based content
      • streaming audio and video
      • server side image maps
      • content outside or hierarchy

    Roles & Responsibilities

    University Archives
      • Monitor quarterly crawls
      • Perform quality review after each crawl and modify scoping rules, as needed, for future crawls
      • Add metadata to support searching and retrieval
    Web maintainers
      • If your web site is within our collection scope but outside the or domains and subdomains, please contact us at to make arrangements for us to capture it.
      • Stanford University Libraries has a guide to designing web sites for “archivability”

    Searching Tips

    The captured web sites are fully text searchable.
      • You can search on a known URL.
      • You should be specific in search terminology (e.g., if you want Faculty Senate minutes, use that entire phrase not just Faculty Senate).
      • Be sure to view all relevant results, as information has moved on the site over time. For example, when searching for “Faculty Senate Minutes,” you find different years indexed on different pages, and you have to look at each to see the full results.
      • When looking at the search results, “show all captures” will take you to a page with links to each capture of that webpage, arranged by date. An asterisk denotes the page was updated since the last crawl.
      • When looking at the search results, clicking on the URL or the title of the page will take you directly to that archived web page.
      • The search box on an archived website will not work because the original website is separate from the search engine. You can use the menu tabs or site map for navigation.
      • If you do not find results for what you were looking for, it may have been out of scope, technically not archivable, or had a robots.txt exclusion.

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    If you have any questions, please contact us at