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Campaigning at Case: Presidential Elections, 1892-2008
1932: The New Deal

Campus politicking started in the spring, with WRU's Mock Political Convention nominating Newton D. Baker, former mayor of Cleveland and Secretary of War and WRU Trustee. Both Case and WRU students held straw votes in October 1932. Case went for Herbert Hoover (R), with 263 votes to Franklin D. Roosevelt's (D) 105, Norman M. Thomas' (Socialist) 82, and William Z. Foster's (Communist) 13. WRU students also picked Hoover, with 1,119 votes to Roosevelt's 632, Upshaw's 8, and Reynolds' 1.

The floor of the WRU Mock Democratic Convention was a sea of signs; many of them for Newton D. Baker.
The cover of the program for the WRU Mock Democratic Convention featured the Democratic nominee steamrolling to the White House.
The article below explained how to use the automatic voting machines for the straw ballot at WRU.
The Reserve Politics Club, with future Congressman Charles Vanik as president, co-sponsored the Mock Democratic Convention.
The issue of the Reserve Weekly below featured letters from Hoover and Roosevelt and images of Hoover, Roosevelt and Socialist Party candidate, Norman Thomas, before the straw vote.

Ohio Popular Vote
National Popular Vote
Electoral Vote
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 1,301,695 (49.9%)
Herbert C. Hoover (R) 1,227,310 (47%)
Norman M. Thomas (Socialist) 64,094 (2.5%)
William David Upshaw (Prohibition) 7,421 (.3%)
William Z. Foster (Communist) 7,231 (.3%)
Verne L. Reynolds (Socialist Labor) 1,968 (.1%
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 22,825,016 (57.42%)
Herbert C. Hoover (R) 15,758,397 (39.64%)
Norman M. Thomas (Socialist) 883,990 (2.22%)
William Z. Foster (Communist) 102,221 (.26%)
William David Upshaw (Prohibition) 81,916 (.21%)
Verne L. Reynolds (Socialist Labor) 34,028 ((.09%)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 472
Herbert C. Hoover (R) 59

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, September 2004.