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Campaigning at Case: Presidential Elections, 1892-2008
1936: Political Satire

The WRU humor magazine, The Red Cat, published an election issue featuring a two-page “interview” with candidates Alfred M. Landon (R) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (D). Reporter George Klein described his strategy for getting one-on-one interviews with candidates. “Didn’t have much trouble getting to see the Republican candidate, ‘Happy” Landing. Just wrote him a diplomatic note like this: Dear Alf, Like to have a talk with you. Think I can do you some good! Yours, Red Porter, Red Cat, Star Reporter … At the White House I have a little trouble. The guards won’t believe who I am. But just as they’re about ready to bounce me, F. D. sticks his head out of one of the west wing windows and yells, ‘Hey, Red, come on up.”

The WRU humor publication, The Red Cat, featured predictions on the election results; covering all bases, both Landon and Roosevelt were picked as winners.
The cover of The Red Cat featured a caricature of Roosevelt.
Alf Landon won the straw vote at Case.
Roosevelt won the straw vote at WRU.

Ohio Popular Vote
National Popular Vote
Electoral Vote
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 1,747,140 (58%)
Alfred M. Landon (R) 1,127,855 (37.4%)
William Lemke (Union) 132,212 (4.4%)
Earl Russell Browder (Communist) 5,251 (.2%)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 27,747,636 (60.79%)
Alfred M. Landon (R) 16,679,543 (36.54%)
William Lemke (Union) 892,492 (1.96%)
Norman M. Thomas (Socialist) 187,785 (.41%)
Earl Russell Browder (Communist) 79,211 (.17%)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 523
Alfred M. Landon (R) 8

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, September 2004.