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Campaigning at Case: Presidential Elections, 1892-2008
1940: Speakers, Straw Votes and Polls

WRU’s Republican Club hosted an appearance by Ohio Governor John W. Bricker, Congresswoman Frances Bolton, and Cleveland Mayor Harold Burton. The Young Democrats explained their speaker choice, Cleveland columnist Jack Raper, “Instead of having a political speaker, we thought more interest would be aroused by engaging a man who is capable of capturing the imagination.”

Roosevelt led Willkie in the "Gallup Poll" of Mather College 51% to 48%.
The poll conducted by The Reserve Tribune had Roosevelt lead Willkie 48% to 46%.
Cleveland journalist Jack Raper was principal speaker at a forum sponsored by the Democratic Club.

Ohio Popular Vote
National Popular Vote
Electoral Vote
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 1,733,139 (52.2%)
Wendell Willkie (R) 1,586,773 (47.8%)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 27,263,448 (54.7%)
Wendell Willkie (R) 22,336,260 (44.82%)
Norman M. Thomas (Socialist) 116,827 (.23%)
Roger W. Babson (Prohibition) 58,685 (.12%)
Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) 449
Wendell Willkie (R) 82

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, September 2004.