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Campaigning at Case: Presidential Elections, 1892-2008
1980: Cleveland’s Presidential Debate

The Observer’s News Editor Mary Jones’ description of the 1980 Ronald Reagan-Jimmy Carter presidential debate in Cleveland suggests what is in store for the campus on October 5. Photo Editor Wei-Shen Chin opined, “covering the Presidential debates as photo editor of our nationally known publication has certain … well … minor difficulties. You see, there are still some Secret Service personnel in this modern age of satellite communications that haven’t heard of The Observer… so I told them I was from the PD.”

In a nod to the presidential debate held in Cleveland, the student newspaper has some fun.
An editorial in the student newspaper urges students to vote.
Northwestern University professor and political scientist Garry Wills lectured on campus, and watched and analyzed the Cleveland presidential debate with students.

Ohio Popular Vote
National Popular Vote
Electoral Vote
Ronald Reagan (R) 2,206,545 (51.5%)
Jimmy Carter (D) 1,752,414 (40.9%)
John B. Anderson (National Unity Campaign) 254,472 (5.9%)
Ed Clark (Libertarian) 49.033 (1.1%)
Barry Commoner (Citizens) 8,564 (.2%)
Richard Congress (Socialist Workers) 4,029 (.1%)
Deirdre Griswold (Workers World) 3,790 (.1%)
Benjamin C. Bubar (Statesman) 27
Ronald Reagan (R) 43,904,153 (50.7%)
Jimmy Carter (D) 35,483,883 (41%)
John B. Anderson (National Unity Campaign) 5,720,060 (6.6%)
Ed Clark (Libertarian) 921,299 (1.1%)
Barry Commoner (Citizens) 234,294 (.3%)
Deirdre Griswold (Workers World) 13,300 (.02%)
Benjamin C. Bubar (Statesman) 7,212 (.01%)
Richard Congress (Socialist Workers) 4,029 (.1%)
Ronald Reagan (R) 489
Jimmy Carter (D) 49

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, September 2004.