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Campaigning at Case: Presidential Elections, 1892-2008
1984: Campus Debates

At least three debates were held on campus. Cuyahoga County Republican Party Chairman Bob Hughes debated Cuyahoga County Commissioner, Democrat, Tim Hagan. A liberal student panel faced a conservative student panel. National Young Democrats president debated national Young Republicans president.

A poll conducted by the Political Awareness Club correctly predicted a Reagan victory.
A two-panel debate and two-person debate were held on campus.
Cuyahoga County Republican leader Bob Hughes and Democratic County Commissioner Tim Hagan faced off in a debate.

Ohio Popular Vote
National Popular Vote
Electoral Vote
Ronald Reagan (R) 2,678,560 (58.9%)
Walter F. Mondale (D) 1,825,440 (40.1%)
Dennis L. Serrette (Independent Alliance) 12,090 (.3%)
Lyndon H. LaRouche (Independent) 10,693 (.2%)
David Bergland (Libertarian) 5,886 (.1%)
Gus Hall (Communist) 4,438 (.1%)
Mel Mason (Socialist Workers) 4,344 (.1%)
Ed Winn (Workers League) 3,565 (.1%)
Gavrielle Holmes (Workers World) 2,565 (.1%)
Earl F. Dodge (Prohibition) 4
Ronald Reagan (R) 54,455,075 (58.8%)
Walter F. Mondale (D) 37,577,185 (40.6%)
David Bergland (Libertarian) 228,314 (.2%)
Lyndon H. LaRouche (Independent) 78,807 (.1%)
Dennis L. Serrette (Independent Alliance) 46,852 (.05%)
Gus Hall (Communist) 36,386 (.04%)
Mel Mason (Socialist Workers) 24,706 (.03%)
Ed Winn (Workers League) 10.801 (.01%)
Earl F. Dodge (Prohibition) 4,242
Gavrielle Holmes (Workers World) 2,656
Ronald Reagan (R) 525
Walter F. Mondale (D) 13

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, September 2004.