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Campaigning at Case: Presidential Elections, 1892-2008
1988: Analytical Frameworks

Political Science 320, The Presidential Election, taught by Associate Professor Alexander Lamis, required students to follow local and national political activity in a key state. Assignments included subscribing to the major daily newspaper in the state and attending a debate between Cuyahoga County Democratic and Republican Party leaders. Explained Lamis to Campus News reporter Kathleen McDermott, “I hope the students… will be in a better position to analyze future presidential elections and understand the big changes that are taking place in the party system.”

Democrat Michael Dukakis led Republican George Bush in a campus poll.
Political Science associate professor Alexander Lamis (below) had students follow the campaign in a key state.

Ohio Popular Vote
National Popular Vote
Electoral Vote
George H. Bush (R) 2,416,549 (55%)
Michael S. Dukakis (D) 1,939,629 (44.1%)
Lenora B. Fulani (New Alliance) 12,017 (.3%)
Ron Paul (Libertarian) 11,989 (.3%)
Lyndon H. LaRouche (National Economic Recovery) 7,733 (.2%)
Ed Winn (Workers League) 5,432 (.1%)
Larry Holmes (Workers World) 134
George H. Bush (R) 48,886,097 (53.4%)
Michael S. Dukakis (D) 41,809,074 (45.6%)
Ron Paul (Libertarian) 432,179 (.5%)
Lenora B. Fulani (New Alliance) 217,219 (.2%)
Lyndon H. LaRouche (National Economic Recovery) 25,562
Ed Winn (Workers League) 18,693
Larry Holmes (Workers World) 7,846
George H. Bush (R) 426
Michael S. Dukakis (D) 111
Lloyd Bentsen (D) 1

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, September 2004.