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09/08/16 Sana Loue, Diversity 360 Program for entire Department W203, 1PM
09/22/16 Laura Rojas Coy – “Molecular evolution of KPC-producing Klebsiella penumoniae (KCP-Kpn) in Colombia” Robert Bonomo – "Exploring a new beta-lactamase: FOX-4 and a novel substrate profile" W203, 1PM
09/29/16 Junpeng Yan – “SAMHD1 dNTPase activity regulation and its HIV inhibition function” Michelle Shun – “HIV-1 Vpr Promotes Expression of Unintegrated HIV-1 DNA” W203, 1PM
10/06/16 Alan Tartakoff - “Genesis of Aneuploidy” W203, 1PM
10/13/16 Nicole Steinmetz – “From black-eyed peas to nanotechnology: engineering plant virus-based therapeutics” W203, 1PM
10/20/16 Mohanish Deshmukh – “Neuronal Responses to Viral Infection” Robbins Building E301 12:30PM
10/27/16 Tomoaki Ogino – “TBD” W203, 1PM

Saba Valadkhan - "TBD" and Lalith Gunawardane - "TBD"

W203, 1PM
11/10/16 Alan Levine – “What is a leaky gut, and why should we care?” Nga Le – “Cross-talk between intestinal epithelial cells and T cells” W203, 1PM
11/17/16 Thesis Defense: Chun-lun Ni – Polyglutamine Tract Expansion Increases Protien S-Nitrosylation W203, 1PM
12/01/16 Rietsch Lab- Erin Armentrout, and PD/PI W203, 1PM
12/08/16 Karn Lab - PDs/PI W203, 1PM
12/15/16 2016 CFAR Mini Symposium Rottman Room 1PM–4PM
01/12/17 McDonald Lab - PDs/PI W203, 1PM
01/19/17 Skowronski Lab - PDs/PI W203, 1PM


Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology Trainee Seminar Program

Complete calendar of Student/Postdoc seminars through May '17 (PDF)

Student/Postdoc Seminars are held on Tuesdays at 1:00 p.m. in W203 (Rottman seminar room).