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The full conference program is now available. Click cover for Adobe pdf text. (version of 29 March 2010).

Panel Chairs
All concurrent sessions are scheduled for 90-minute sessions. Panel chairs should ensure that panels with three papers keep individual presentations to a strict 20-minute limit and that those with four papers observe 15-minute limits for individual presentations. This will ensure that sessions have 30 full minutes for discussion and critical exchange.

In addition to ensuring that panels keep to schedule, panel chairs should plan to introduce speakers by name (biographical notes and extended introductions are not necessary) and enter into general conversation during the discussion period as they see appropriate.

Audiovisual Provisions
Limited audiovisual support will be provided to all conferees who requested it by the end of January in response to our invitation. Room assignments for concurrent sessions can be found in the draft program. (Please be sure to check the most recent version of the program, which includes a number of changes to room assignments in order to accommodate A/V requests.)

The following rooms for concurrent sessions will be equipped with wired internet connection, laptop connections, and projection capabilities suited to PowerPoint presentations:

Thursday 8 April: Van Aken, Case
Friday 9 April: Van Aken, Blossom, Garfield
Sunday 11 April: Blossom

The following rooms will have the additional provision of sound equipment that makes the arrangements suitable to screening film and video clips:

Thursday 8 April: Severance, Blossom, Garfield
Friday 9 April: Severance
Saturday 10 April: Severance, Van Aken, Blossom, Case
Sunday 11 April: Severance

We regret that we cannot provide laptop computers, whiteboards, or VHS/DVD players. In exceptional circumstances, conference staff might be able to loan personal equipment for individual presentations. Please let us know if you need to display images or film clips but cannot travel to Cleveland with a laptop computer.