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To the Case Western Reserve community:

How you look can decide what you see.

True, this maxim carries literal meaning: Examine an object from another side, and it can appear entirely different.

But it also applies to other kinds of perspectives:

  • the dentist who doubted the common perception that only powerful pharmaceuticals could combat pain, then proved her point by looking through hundreds of research studies;
  • the researcher whose play with her children sparked a memory of origami figures from her girlhood—which in turn inspired an exciting new approach to robotics; and
  • the professor who spotted a striking sculpture in Brooklyn and, years later, transformed the vision into a high-tech dance performance viewed through Microsoft HoloLens.

This year’s annual report not only includes these and other stories, but also shares each from one individual’s point of view. Experience the emergence of an idea, the overcoming of obstacles, and the achievement of the goal—all through another’s eyes. We could think of no better way to provide insight into how our people live this university’s mission, every single day.

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Barbara R. Snyder


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