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New program, with support from the trustees and President Barbara R. Snyder, aims to improve student satisfaction

Starting college can be overwhelming, especially when accompanied by a cross-country move (I’m from Utah).

But a few weeks before I arrived, I got a call from Latasha Timmons, a staff member who introduced herself as my “navigator.” She explained that every undergraduate now gets a dedicated support person—in addition to a faculty advisor—to talk through issues and suggest resources.

It’s part of a new Student Success initiative that President Snyder championed, with support from the Board of Trustees.

In that first call, Latasha asked about my interests and what I wanted to get out of my college experience. She outlined the course selection process, and made sure I knew I could reach out to her any time.

Since I arrived, Latasha has explained study abroad opportunities, prerequisites, ways to access academic assistance and so much more. She’s a database of knowledge, only in the form of a human who truly cares about me.

Latasha has been such a help that she’s become a bit of a celebrity; at orientation, my mom tracked Latasha down to take a selfie with the woman who helped me feel at home before I even set foot on campus.

Maria Luisa Bates Domenech, first-year studying political science

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