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Cancer Center Administration

Megan Kilbane, MBA
Assistant Dean for Oncology
Associate Director of Administration‌

Phone: 216.368.1247
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422J

Tina Balamenti
Administrative Assistant to the Director, 
Stanton L. Gerson, MD

Phone: 216.368.2057
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422E

Denise Dawson
Research Administrator/Finance Manager
Taussig Cancer Institute‌

Phone: 216.445.7171
Location: R3-054

Julie Glavic, MA
Manager of Research Administrative Operations

Phone: 216.368.5780
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 3-521

Ivona Gloczak, MS, MBA
Financial Manager

Phone: 216.368.1070
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 3-541

Gillian Irwin
Communications Strategist

Phone: 216.368.4831
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422K

Damian Junk, PhD
Assistant Director of Cancer Training & Education

Phone: 216.368.3803
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 3-525

Suzanne Morris
GI SPORE Administrator

Phone: 216.368.1976
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 3-142

John Pellecchia, MS
Administrator, Cleveland Clinic
Department of Translational Hematology and Oncology Research

Phone: 216.444.9017
Location: Desk R40

John Pounardijian, MBA
Deputy Associate Director of Administration

Phone: 216.368.0846
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422G

Tracy Rehl
Human Resources and Operations Assistant 
(including Shared Resources)

Phone: 216.368.5199 
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 3-520

Rachel Rydberg
CCSC Administration Specialist

Phone: 216.368.3523
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 3-524

Angela Tagliaferri, MS
Assistant Director for Finance and Operations

Phone: 216.368.5781
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422N

Kristin Waite, PhD
Scientific Writer and Program Manager

Phone: 216.368.1679 
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422M


Bonnie West
Administrative and Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 216.368.0956 
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422A

Mary Wright
Assistant Director of Programming Operations

Phone: 216.368.3334
Location: Wolstein Research Bldg 1-422H







Mailing Address
Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
Wolstein Research Building, 1-422
2103 Cornell Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7285

Phone: 216.368.1122
Fax: 216.368.3013