NIH Public Access Compliance

The School of Medicine Research Administration has empowered the Cleveland Health Sciences Library to assist in the implementation of NIH Public Access Compliance among the researchers at CWRU. 

Information is available at this web site:

Details about the law are available at this web site:

NIH awardees are responsible for all articles resulting from their grants, whether they have authored them or not.

Manuscripts should be submitted to publishers who comply with the NIH Public Access Law.

The submitting author is responsible for informing the publisher of the necessity to deposit the manuscript at PubMed Central.

There are four submission methods described at the following web site:

Authors should not ignore the email requests to review and approve the manuscript, nor the email for the assignment of the PMCID.  Please inform the PI of the PMCID.

There is information about the process at the following web site:

PIs receive one email, and one email only, of the notification of the manuscript being deposited, and it is probably before the PMCID has been assigned.  Remember to contact the author for the PMCID.

Authors and PIs should heed all of these email messages.  Failure to do so results in non-compliance.

Once the PMCID has been assigned, it is necessary to include the citation at My Bibliography, at My NCBI, using the eRA Commons login.

Information about this process is available at the following web site:

The citations must be associated with the appropriate grant or grants.  There may be more than one PI involved in this step.

Please contact Kathleen C. Blazar at 216.356.1361, or by email to if you need any help.