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Research Interest

I have been involved in cardiovascular research as Principal Investigator for 13 years. My laboratory is recognized for studies highlighting the role of a family of factors termed Kruppel-like factors (KLFs) in diverse biological processes. Specifically, our efforts have identified key regulatory roles for KLFs in cardiovascular biology, systemic metabolic homeostasis, and innate immunity. These discoveries have opened new areas of investigation and contributed to growing appreciation that KLFs are nodal regulators of cellular homeostasis and tissue function. This work has led to publications in top-tier journals including Nature, Cell Metabolism, Nature Communications, Science Translational Medicine, Immunity, PNAS, Journal of Clinical Investigation, and Journal of Experimental Medicine.

I also have a long track record of successfully training independent investigators. I have had the opportunity to successfully mentor a number of individuals, many of whom have been fortunate recipient of NIH K-grants (total 16), and numerous AHA post-doctoral fellowships/NIH F32/foundation fellowships. Many of these individuals have established independent research programs with R-level funding at leading academic medical centers including Harvard Medical School, University of Massachusetts, University of Pittsburgh, Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, and the University of Tokyo. I am recipient of mentoring awards from Harvard Medical School and Case Western Reserve University. I have also served as PI of an NIH T32 grant focused on training of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral candidates.

Finally I have had a number of leadership roles both locally and nationally. At my home institution I current serve as Chief Scientific Officer for University Hospital Health System and Vice-Dean for Medical Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. Nationally, I recently served as President of the America Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), one of the oldest and most prestigious honorific societies for physician-scientists.

Below are the original four publications that provided the early links between KLFs and metabolism, cardiovascular biology, and innate immunity. In the section of “Contributions to Science” I provide a more detailed summary and more recent publications.

  • Gray S, Feinberg MW, Hull S, Kuo CT, Watanabe M, SenBanerjee S, Jain MK. The Kruppel-like Factor KLF15 regulates the insulin-sensitive glucose transporter GLUT4. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2002; 277(37): 34322-8. PMID: PMC12097321.
  • SenBanerjee S, Lin Z, Atkins GB, Grief DM, Rao RM, Kumar A, Feinberg MW, Chen Z, Simon DI, Luscinskas FW, Michel TM, Gimbrone MA, Garcia-Cardena G, Jain MK. KLF2 is a novel transcriptional regulator of endothelial proinflammatory activation. Journal of Experimental Medicine 2004: 199(10):1305-1315 PMCID: PMC2211816.
  • Fisch S, Gray S, Heymans S, Haldar S, Wang B, Pfister O, Cui L, Kumar A, Lin Z, Senbanerjee S, Das H, Petersen CA, Mende U, Burleigh BA, Zhu Y, Pinto Y, Liao R, Jain MK. Kruppel-like factor 15 is a novel regulator of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. PNAS, 2007; 104(17): 7074-9. PMCID: PMC1855421.
  • Das H, Kumar A, Lin Z, Patino W, Hwang P, Feinberg MW, Majumder PK, Jain MK. The Kruppel-llike Factor 2 regulates proinflammatory activation of monocytes. PNAS, 2006; 103(17): 6653-6658. PMCID:PMC1458936.               

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