Image of lobby of Alfred and Norma Lerner Tower.  The area is lit up with bright yellow lights, with small plants and kiosks on both sides.  There is old fashioned lighting and a second floor with a railing above.  The receptionist is seated in a wood panelled area in the center


The Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is the driving force of the University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute (HHVI), a transformative integrated institute that has changed cardiovascular care in Ohio in a mere 10 years since its creation by its President Daniel Simon, M.D., through innovation in patient care, research and education.

Image headshot of Dr. Mukesh K. Jain, door, medium sized potted plant, and biege chair with brown arms in the background

In the News

Case Western Reserve/University Hospitals Researcher Part of Elite Trans-Atlantic Network to Study “Molecular Switch” that Contributes to Heart Disease

Image of researcher in white labe coat and safety goggles, looking down in analysis.  There are the tops of three pieces of lab equipment, one white and two with blue tops, in the foreground


We embrace a strong culture of developing and promoting the careers of young scientists and physician-scientists. Researchers can find a multitude of opportunities for basic science or clinical research training.