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Dining Services

Dining Services

Dining Services

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    CWRU’s Dining Services has campus covered. Diversity and variety are available around campus. Find out more >


Fall Break Hours

Remember Fall Break starts Friday, October 21st, 2016 and  Bon appetit will have reduced hours of operation. 

CWRU Fall Break 2015
Regular Meal Swipes
Date Day Leutner Fribley Grab-It/Bag-It L3 Rough Rider Room WRB    
10/21/2016 Friday 7A-8P Closes 2:30P Closes 2:30P X X 8A-2P    
10/22/2016 Saturday 4P-8P X X X X X    
10/23/2016 Sunday 4P-8P X X X X X    
10/24/2016 Monday 4P-8P X X X X 8A-2P    
10/25/2016 Tuesday Opens 4:30P Opens 4:30P X 3P-10P 6p-Midnight 8A-2P    
Portable Swipes 
Date Day Denny's* Jolly Scholar* Tomlinson* TVUC Outlets* Dunkin Donuts* *These Locations are also available for retail
10/21/2016 Friday 11A-4P 11A-2A 8A-3P 11A-2:30P 6A-5P
10/22/2016 Saturday X 12P-12A X X 8A-5P
10/23/2016 Sunday X 12P-12A X X 8A-3P
10/24/2016 Monday 11A-4P 11A-2A 8A-3P 11A-2:30P 6A-7P
10/25/2016 Tuesday 11A-230A 11A-2A 8A-3P 8A-10P 6A-7P      
***And remember that all meal plan swipes will reset on Sunday.***
Retail Only Locations
Date Day BRB BRB-Starbucks Einstein KSL Michelson&Morley Sages Café Law Café Starbucks NRV
10/21/2016 Friday 730A-3P 730A-5P 8A-2P 11A-4P 11A-8P 8A-5P 8A-1:30P 730A-9P
10/22/2016 Saturday X X X X 5P-8P X X 730A-9P
10/23/2016 Sunday X X X X X X X 730A-9P
10/24/2016 Monday 730A-3P 730A-5P 8A-3P 11A-4P 11A-6P 8A-5P X 730A-9P
10/25/2016 Tuesday 730A-3P 730A-5P 8A-5P 11A-4P 11A-6P 8A-5P X 730A-12P
***And remember you can always use your CaseCash at participating local merchants.***

Bon Appetit Fall Semester Hours 

As the fall semester approaches Bon appetit will be re-opening their on-campus locations. For a complete list click AY1617 BA Hours of Operation.


CaseOneCard Merchants

Remember that your CaseOneCard is accepted at a variety of local merchants including the Jolly Scholar, Dynomite, Chipotle and more! The start of the school year is a great time to try out  our many CaseOneCard merchants in the area. For a complete list of local merchants, click here.


Have you taken the time to like our Facebook page?  It is the best place to keep up with ongoing news and local deals with all our CaseOneCard Merchants!


Where to Eat On Campus

A variety of dining locations and menus suit student schedules and lifestyles.
Dine On Campus >


Bon Appétit

CWRU’s food service company, Bon Appetit, led the farm-to-table sustainable movement before it was a movement.
Enjoy Eco-friendly Dining >


Get Answers

Detailed answers to your most pressing meal plan questions.
Surf the FAQs >

Dining Services is on FaceBook

Did you know that Dining Services is now on FaceBook?! So stop by and check out our page for the latest news and announcements! While you are there be sure to like our page!

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