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Fall 2023 Meal Plans start at Dinner on 08/26/23

Fall 2023 CaseCash has been loaded to your CaseOneCards and is available for use on campus and at our off campus CampusCash merchants.

Fall meal plans start on Saturday, August 26th with Dinner at 4:30PM.

FYE students will be covered by their Orientation meal plan until the Fall 2023 meal plans start. 


Just a reminder that you can change your meal plan in the MyHousing portal until 5:00PM on Friday Sep 1, 2023!


Transact Mobile Ordering

We're launching a new Mobile App! Transact Mobile Ordering will be our official Dining app this Fall! To get started, simply download the app and register via your SSO.  Not sure how to do that, Just follow these easy directions and then you'll be ready to order, pick-up and enjoy meals across campus. 

Summer Hours of Operation

Just a reminder that your Spring meal plan has ended!

CaseCash & PlumCash will both still be available for use at the appropriate open campus vendors as well as all off campus vendors.

2023 Summer Hours


Portable Meal Swipe Locations & Usage Hours

While the portable swipes are a great convenience for use at retail locations when you don't have time to get back to the Dining Commons or just want to have something to different, these swipes are not the retail locations primary business.


Plum Market grocery store in Uptown is there to meet your unique needs!

Plum Market Kitchen features all-natural, organic, and locally sourced food, beverage, and wellness items for the University Circle  & Uptown communities. Located at the corner of Euclid Avenue & E 115 Street it right across the street from the CIA and in the heart of Uptown.

Plum Market will include a coffee bar with a full line of freshly brewed coffee drinks and teas, and a prepared foods section featuring fresh salads, fresh sushi, all-natural soups, and made-to-order signature sandwiches that will accept CWRU meal swipes. 

You can even purchase dedicated PlumCash  to increase your spending power by 20%.


Dining Services on Facebook

Have you taken the time to like our Facebook page? It is the best place to keep up with ongoing news and local deals with all our CaseOneCard Merchants!


CaseOneCard Merchants

Remember that your CaseOneCard is accepted at a variety of local merchants including the Jolly Scholar, Panera, Chipotle and more! The start of the school year is a great time to try out our many CaseOneCard merchants in the area. For a complete list of local merchants, visit our off-campus dining page.

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Where to Eat On Campus

A variety of dining locations and menus suit student schedules and lifestyles.

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Bon Appétit

CWRU’s food service company, Bon Appetit, led the farm-to-table sustainable movement before it was a movement.

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Get Answers

Detailed answers to your most pressing meal plan questions.