2018 Benelect Guide - Dental

The purpose of this guide (view pdf version) is to provide you with an overview of Benelect—the flexible benefits program at CWRU. This is not intended to be a comprehensive description of the benefit plans. Details of individual benefit plans are provided in legal plan documents and contracts that govern the operation of the program. Specific coverage information is contained in the individual summary plan descriptions available from Benefits Administration (320 Crawford Hall). Employees are responsible for selecting and using their benefits prudently and in the most cost-effective manner. Under no circumstances are the statements contained in these policies to be considered a contract of employment, an obligation, or guarantee on the part of the university. Please call 216-368-6964 or e-mail AskHR@case.edu with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.


Under Benelect, you have access to two dental plans and several coverage levels from which to choose.


DenteMax is a dental provider organization (DPO). With DenteMax, you may receive care from any dentist, but more of your costs will be covered if you use a dentist who is affiliated with the network. Participating dentists are searchable online at dentemax.com or available from Benefits Administration. DenteMax Dental Claim Form (pdf).

Below are some of the basic DenteMax coverage features. Refer to the plan booklet (pdf) for detailed coverage information.

Basic DenteMax Features Network Providers Out-of-Network
Deductible None $50 for individual, $100 for family
Maximum Benefits $1,500 per year per covered person $1,500 per year per covered person
Preventive Care - services such as semi-annual examination and e-rays 100% 70% of usual,customary and reasonable (UCR)
Basic Care - services such as fillings extraction, oral surgery, periodontia and endodontia 80% 60% of UCR
Major Care - services such as bridgework, dentures, and crown restorations 60% 40% of UCR
Orthodontic Care - coverage available for children under age 19 only after one year of participation (adult orthodontia is not covered) 50%, $1,250 life time benefit 35% of UCR, $800 life time benefit

CWRU School of Dental Medicine

The School of Dental Medicine (SDM) Comprehensive Dental Benefit Plan offers a full variety of services, including implants, esthetic veneers and bleaching. The care will be primarily provided by graduate dental practitioners at the School of Dental Medicine. You can find further information about the plan at the Employee Dental Care Plans site at the School of Dental Medicine.

Dental Coverage Level

As with medical, you have coverage categories from which to choose:

  1. Employee
  2. Employee + Child(ren)
  3. Employee + Spouse (Equivalent)
  4. Employee + Family

Waive Dental Coverage

If you already have or do not want dental coverage, another option is "waive."