CWRU Employee Dental Care Plans

In order to capitalize on the clinical strengths of the School of Dental Medicine, the School is pleased to offer a benefit option to CWRU employees under the University Benelect program. This dental benefits plan promotes and enhances oral health care through an integrated delivery system. It encompasses basic care through comprehensive care (including all the specialties of dental medicine).

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The School's objectives for offering this service are:

  • To emphasize and support the provision of quality oral health care.
  • To provide CASE Dental Care Plan enrollees with more choices for dental benefit coverage.
  • To effectively integrate dentistry into patient care systems and CASE employee health benefit through the Benelect Program.
  • To provide value added benefits such as implants, high grade esthetic ceramics and bleaching which are not available in most plans.
  • To ensure the quality of care through our Quality Assurance Program.

This Comprehensive Plan offers a full variety of services that is competitive with existing dental insurance plans.

In addition, the School of Dental Medicine is providing value-added services, such as implants, esthetic veneers and bleaching. These are services typically not covered on dental care plans.

The care will be provided by DMD students, residents, and faculty at the School of Dental Medicine, as listed below. Care will be available on request in the pre-doctoral program for those interested in additional out-of-pocket savings.

It's easy to sign up during Benelect open enrollment.

To schedule an appointment, contact the following:

Faculty Practitioners

Department Area of Interest/Specialty Location Telephone
Comprehensive Care
Ibrahim Tulunoglu, DDS Prosthetics Faculty Practice Area 216.368.0592
Oral Diagnosis
Andres Pinto, DMD, MPH Oral Medicine/Facial Pain Faculty Practice Area 216.368.0498
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dale A. Baur, DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery OMFS Specialty Clinic 216.368.3102
Faisal A. Quereshy MD, DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery OMFS Specialty Clinic 216.368.3102
Mark G. Hans, DDS Orthodontics/Craniofacial Orthodontics Specialty Clinic 216.368.3441
Juan Martin Palomo, DDS Orthodontics Orthodontics Specialty Clinic 216.368.3249
Manish Valiathan, DDS, MSD Orthodontics/Dentofacial Orthopedics Orthodontics Specialty Clinic 216.368.4331
Pediatric Dentistry
Gerald Ferretti, DDS Pediatric Dentistry Tapper Pediatric Dental Clinic 216.844.3080
Margaret Ferretti, DMD Pediatric Dentistry Tapper Pediatric Dental Clinic 216.844.3080
André Paes, DDS Periodontics Faculty Practice Area 216.368.0592

Dental Residents

Department Telephone
Endodontics 216.368.3236
General Dentistry (AEGD) 216.368.3290
Oral Surgery 216.368.2538
Orthodontics 216.368.3249
Pediatric Dentistry 216.368.6185
Periodontics 216.368.3615

Pre-Doctoral Students

Department Clinic Telephone
Comprehensive Dental Care A & B Clinics 216.368.3200