Information Systems

Employee and manager self service is available through the PeopleSoft's Human Capital Management (HCM) system. To view the following Employee Self Service pages, you will have to login with your valid Case Network I.D. and password. ERP Project group has developed Quick Reference Guides to HCM Functions.

Employee Records Processing

Employee information must be received by the HR Records department days (will vary) before payroll runs.

HCM Functions

Personal Information

Review and edit your contact information, including name and marital status changes.


Access health, savings, retirement or other benefit information. Review dependent and beneficiary information.

Payroll and Compensation

Access your on-line paycheck, direct deposit, and other deduction or contribution information. Review you job, salary and compensation history.

Time Reporting

Manage all activities related to time and labor administration, including time entry and approval.

Tax Forms

You can download and print Federal withholding tax forms from the U.S. Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service. State tax forms are available from the Ohio State Department of Taxation. If you ever want to change your withholding allowance, just print the Federal W-4 (pdf) or State IT-4 (pdf) form and return the completed form to Information Management/Records, 220 Crawford Hall, LC7047. HR Records department can be contacted at 216.368.3270.