Professional Development Training

Our center focuses on the professional development needs of Case Western Reserve University staff and faculty. These training sessions are presented in a virtual format, focused on upskilling and providing tools for professional success to individual contributors and supervisors.

Being a part of a world-class university, we also have access to subject matter experts in a variety of fields that bring valuable expertise to employee growth & development. We partner across campus to offer training sessions and those will be notated at a "Series". 

See the training titles and dates below for our current training offering. Click the "Training Title" to register for the virtual training session.

Employee Training Sessions:

*Training sessions that count towards our Employee Supervision Certificate and may focus more on a supervision perspective. These are beneficial to non-supervisors as well.

Live Sessions Returning Fall 2023

Thank you to those who participated in our Spring 2023 training! Live virtual training sessions will resume in Fall 2023. Check back in Aug/Sept. for our updated schedule. 

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

You will register through CampusGroups. Each training title on this webpage link to CampusGroups, where you can sign in using your CaseID.

After registering in CampusGroups, you will be prompted to add the training session to your virtual calendar. Once you add the training to your calendar, the Zoom link will automatically populate in the calendar event. 

If you preregistered, the zoom link will also be sent the morning of the training session via email.

Each training session will be virtual to provide the widest reach across campus. Some training sessions are geared towards supervisors (as some are a part of the supervisor certificate) but the topics are often valuable and applicable to any employee on campus. Each training is set to last approximately 1 hour and are intended to be approachable to all beginners of the topic while offering something new or refreshing for those of more advanced competency levels. There will also be opportunities to engage with the content and fellow participants in each training session.

Participation opportunities varies between sessions. Most PDC facilitated training sessions have a variety of virtual polls, breakout sessions, and large group conversations. The amount will depend on the content of the session. Feel welcome to engage in ways that fit you but if you are pursing the certificate, you are expected to participate in all of these opportunities. You can learn as much, if not more, from interacting with you peers as you can learning from a presenter.

Most training sessions that are produced and facilitated by the PDC will be offered again. Our "Series" hosted by our partnering offices tend to be offered again as well, but we cannot guarantee the availability. Sign up for the PDC Newsletter to be the first to hear when we post our new training schedules. The PDC tends to operate on the semester model, expect to hear about trainings in the month before a new semester. Trainings are not recorded but you can reach out to find if we have any on demand resources for you to utilize in the meantime.

Start by attending a session that counts towards the certificate (noted by *). After participating in the training session you will then complete the survey & assessment at the end (takes approx. 5 minutes to complete). This will be sent at the end of the training as well as in an email after the training. You have one week to do the assessment. Visit HERE to review all requirements.

Participation & assessment scores are tracked by the Training & Development Manager. These are tabulated a week after a session has occurred to allow time to complete the assessments. You can keep track of your own progress utilizing the Certificate Progress Tracker.

Once you have completed all the requirements for the certificate, you can expect to receive your certificate via email in 1-2 weeks. After that period, if you believe you have completed the requirements & have not received your certificate please reach out to the Training & Development Manager.

Questions about training sessions, please contact Danielle Workman, Training & Development Manager at