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Tissue Response:Nerve: Page 8

Histological Appearance.

The results are illustrated in the upper left. Viewing this nerve with TEM reveled several important things.
First, the damage seems to be to the myelin, sparing the axon.
Second, the myelin appears to be liquefied in some nerves, as illustrated in the upper right panel.
It seems reasonable to postulate that what we might be observing free radical induced injury, possibly related to reperfusion injury reported elsewhere in the nervous system.

Vitamin E: An antioxidant

An experiment was set up with 36 rats, 18 fed a normal vitamin E diet (75 mg/kg) and 18 fed a high vitamin E diet (1000 mg/kg) for four week prior to surgery. On the right leg of each animal a sham operation was performed where the sciatic nerve was mobilized, a cuff place around it, the cuff was then removed. On the left hind leg, the same electrode was implanted and left in place for 2 weeks. The vitamin E diet regimes were maintained throughout the six-week period.


Section from nerve of a sham implant from a normal Vitamin E diet with significant axonal changes, is shown in this figure.


Section from nerve of a cuff implant from a normal Vitamin E diet is shown in this figure (Top).
In the bottom a nerve section from a cuff implant from a High Vitamin E diet is shown.

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