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Paul R. Carey, Ph.D.

Paul R. Carey, Ph.D.


Role at Department:

B. Sc., D. Phil. Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry.

Watching Molecules react in real time

My research interest lies in understanding biochemical reactions at the molecular level. Developing a laser-based spectroscopic method to achieve this goal. You can watch molecules reacting in real time. Our greatest recent success is to show that spectroscopy can follow chemical reactions in protein or nucleic acid single crystals. This sets the stage for a whole new raft of studies in time-resolved crystallography.

Case is a great place to work

There is the freedom and the commitment to learn, to teach and to discover. The students here produce world-class research.

A unique contribution

By joining my lab students can make a unique contribution to our understanding of the molecular processes that govern life. My students have reached top positions in academia and industry around the world. I think my students like that I have high standards but that I am not very aggressive.

Highly cultured city

Cleveland is a friendly, inexpensive and highly cultured city. In my spare time I like to travel, nuture my interest in music, and spent time with my family.