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Andrea Putnam

Andrea Putnam


Rapid City, SD

Role at Department:

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Jankowsky Lab.

Visualizing individual molecules

One of the coolest part about my research is learning how to do experiments that are right on the cutting edge of technology, including measuring extremely fast reactions and visualizing individual molecules.

RNA is the most exciting biological molecule out there

The Department of Biochemistry has an excellent RNA center, and RNA is the most exciting biological molecule out there! Additionally the department has many opportunities for students to get involved in other aspects of science including presenting research, organizing seminars, and inviting speakers.

Exposure to many different areas of science

There is a large scientific community at Case, and you can get exposure to many different areas of science. It is possible to be involved and attend a multitude of seminars, workshops, and groups that can help you in your own research or give you new ideas.

Supportive atmosphere

The department has a very collaborative and supportive atmosphere. Faculty in the department are very supportive and are willing to talk to you at almost any time.

Fondest Memory

Sing-alongs at the department Christmas party are always a highlight for me\x85as well as the faculty skits!

Figuring out exactly what you are interested in

One of the biggest challenges during grad school is figuring out exactly what you are interested in studying. There are so many exciting research topics, that it can be hard to focus on one.

A big enough city

Cleveland is a big enough city that there is always something to do. At the same time, Cleveland is also full of trees and an excellent park system, which makes it easy to forget that you\x92re in a city! In my freetime, I like to hang out with friends, participate in music and art, and read.

A huge musical community

Cleveland has a huge musical community, and there are many opportunities to get involved. Case itself has several musical groups. Severance Hall, where the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra plays, is on campus. Additionally there are many excellent community ensembles. I sing in the St. Paul\x92s Episcopal choir, and that has been a great experience for me.

Future Plans

I would like to continue to do research and teach at an academic institution.