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Lindsay Yandek

Lindsay Yandek


Cleveland Heights, OH

Role at Department:

I am a PhD student/Research Assistant in the Harris lab in the RNA center for Molecular Biology.

Questions that play a biologically relevant role

My research is really exciting and interesting because not only do I get to use basic molecular biology techniques, my project utilizes radioactivity and fluorescence techniques to answer questions that will play a biologically relevant role, not just strictly mechanistic.

Enthusiastic and inviting

I chose the Department of Biochemistry because the faculty and students seemed enthusiastic and inviting. The Department has a great balance between fun social activities with faculty and students and collaborating on important scientific projects.

Affiliation with the RNA center

The Department has a great diversity in projects and what impressed me the most was the affiliation with the RNA center. It is a great opportunity to have both the Center and the Department collaborate and interact.

Completely comfortable

I have had great experiences with faculty, be it heckling the faculty softball team at department picnics or just sharing jokes and stories at happy hours. On the professional front I have always felt completely comfortable to go to faculty members and ask for advice in any aspect of graduate school..

Students with interests in many different fields

Studying and working at Case is a great experience. When you first arrive you meet students with interests in many different fields and bonds form early over a mutual love of research science. These friendships last throughout differences in Departments and scientific interests.

Fondest memory

My fondest memory was watching the skit my labmates made of me during the Holiday party which won me the coveted Stall-Pewis award.

Choosing a lab

The biggest challenge for me in the department was choosing a lab. There were so many interesting research opportunities and decided what I wanted to study long term was a tough decision.

Learning about cultures

What I love about Cleveland is the diversity, be it learning about different cultures from the students, visiting the amazing museums, or exploring all the surrounding neighborhoods and restaurants.

Planting a garden, running races together

In the spring and summer I spend time doing yard work and planting a garden. Living in Cleveland has been the first time I have had a large apartment with a yard and it is nice to do something to make the community look better as well. To relax I run, and once a month a number of students from the Department get together and run races together. I also enjoy going out to some of the local Taverns on the weekends with friends.