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The Biochemistry faculty has a wide range of research interests from cell biology to molecular biophysics. Primary faculty have their main affiliation with the Department of Biochemistry and are based within the department. Secondary faculty have their main affiliation with other departments or centers, including the RNA center. Students can thus work in virtually any field in current biomedical research.

Primary Faculty

Barbara Bedogni Melanoma development and progression.
Paul Carey Protein-ligand interaction and Raman spectroscopy.
Michael Harris Structure and function of large ribozymes (RNA enzymes) including ribonuclease P RNA. Mechanisms of catalysis by ribozymes
Nikki Harter

Molecular mechanisms of adult stem cells and the transformation of melanocytes.

Hung-Ying Kao Signaling pathways controlled by transcription corepressors and histone deacetylases.
William C. Merrick Mechanism and regulation of eukaryotic protein bioshynthesis.
Nelson F. B. Phillips Biochemical mechanisms of tissue-specific transcription factors.
Marianne Pusztai-Carey Structure and function of the insecticidal proteins expressed by the Bacillus thuringiensis family.
David Samols The mammalian response to inflammation; function and regulation of the acute phase reactant, C-reactive protein.
Menachem Shoham Drug discovery against infectious diseases, heart disease and cancer.
Martin Snider Intracellular movement of cell-surface receptors during endocytosis.
Saba Valadkhan Role of the mammalian long non-coding RNAs in neurogenesis and cancer.
Focco van den Akker Multi-facetted structural approach to understanding the molecular signal transduction events of membrane receptors.
Michael Weiss Structural mechanisms of human diseases, transcriptional deregulation, and protein misfolding with applications to diabetes and disorders of sexual development.
Jonathan Whittaker Structure and function of the insulin receptor family.
Yanwu Yang Protein-protein interaction, multidimensional NMR spectroscopy.
Yu-Chung Yang Cytokine signal transduction, transcription factors, hematopoiesis, and cancer.
Vivien C. Yee Structure-function studies of enzymes and prion proteins using X-ray crystallography.

RNA Center Faculty

Kristian Baker Mechanisms of the nonsense-mediated mRNA decay.
James P. Bruzik Regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing.
Jeffery Coller Translational control and mRNA decay.
Pieter deHaseth Mechanism of RNA polymerase-DNA interactions.
Jonatha Gott Mechanistic studies of RNA editing in Physarum mitochondria.
Eckhard Jankowsky Molecular Mechanisms of RNA Helicases
Ahmad Khalil Epigenetic Regulation of the Genome, Histone Modifications and Non-coding RNA.
Donny Licatalosi Gene expression, alternative RNA regulation, protein-RNA interactions, mammalian germ cell biology.
Timothy Nilsen Mechanisms of post transcriptional gene regulation.

Secondary Faculty

Dr. Nathan Berger PolyADP-ribose metabolism in DNA repair and replication.
Dr. Henri Brunengraber Nutritional Biochemistry.
Dr. Thomas Gerken Biosynthesis of O-Linked Glycans.
Dr. Vincent Hascall Structure, function and metabolism of proteoglycans and hyaluronan in connective tissues.
Dr. Douglas Kerr Metabolic disorders in infants.
Dr. Anton Komar Protein synthesis, protein folding and translational control of gene expression in eukaryotic cells.
Dr. Patrick Leahy Intermediate Metabolism and Cancer.
Dr. Donal Luse Eukaryotic gene transcription and RNA polymerase.
Dr. Vincent Monnier Biochemistry of aging.
Dr. Nancy Oleinick Control of cell death and sensitivity of tumor cells to photodynamic therapy.
Dr. Jun Qin Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy, signal transduction.
Dr. Parameswaran Ramakrishnan Biochemical analysis of metabolic regulation of immunity and  cancer  to identify and evaluate novel therapeutic targets.
Dr. David Sedwick Genetic approaches to drug mechanism and development.
Dr. Ganes Sen Mammalian gene expression anantiotensin-converting enzyme and interferon.
Marion J. Skalweit Mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance.
Dr. Jonathan Stamler Redox-based cellular regulation and signal transduction, and in particular the role of protein S-nitrosylation.
Dr. John Stuehr Dynamics of metal complexation reactions and elementary steps in enzymes.
Dr. Derek Taylor Structure and molecular mechanisms of macromolecular machines involved in DNA maintenance and RNA maturation and biogenesis.
Dr. Martina Veigl Calmodulin regulation in differentiation of blood cells and DNA repair.
Dr. Khalequz Zaman S-nitrosylation signaling in Cystic fibrosis.
Dr. James Zull Human learning.

Other Biochemistry Trainers

Dr. Scott Welford The impact of hypoxia (low oxygen) on tumor initiation and resistance to therapy.

In Memoriam

Richard W. Hanson Hormonal control of gene expression.

Retired Faculty

Zhu-Li Wan X-ray crystallography.


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