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Zhuli Wan, Ph.D.



  • Ph.D.: The Structural Biology, Institute of Biophysics of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Postdoc: The Structural Biology Laboratory, The University of York, UK.

Research Interests

My research interests concern structure-function relationships in proteins. The protein structures determined and analysed by X-ray crystallographic methods.

Selected References

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  • Wan ZL,Huang K, Xu B, Hu SQ, Wang S, Chu YC, Katsoyannis PG & Weiss MA
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  • Wan ZL, Xu B, Huang K, Chu YC, Li B, Nakagawa SH, Qu Y, Hu SQ, Katsoyannis PG & Weiss MA
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  • Bayrer J, Wan ZL, Li B & Weiss MA
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  • Wan ZL, Xu B, Chu YC, Katsoyannis PG & Weiss MA
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    Biochemistry 42(44),12770-83 (2003).


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