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Serving Case Western Reserve University Research Labs &
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Our inventory includes molecular biology reagents and laboratory supplies for immediate pick-up and use. Our major vendors provide next-day delivery for special orders without shipping or dry ice fees. The stockroom is also a drop-off site for DNA sequencing samples with a 48 hour turn-around direct to the investigator.

Stockroom Inventory and Order Forms 2016


  • School of Medicine
  • Wood Building, Room W-471
  • Phone: 216-368-3486
    • Fax: 216-368-2559
  • Hours: Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm
Kelly Marcus

Stockroom Customer Service:


  • Cell Signaling: Danielle Callahan,, 317-385-3220
  • Laboratory Products Sales: Frank Meleca,
  • and Stefanie Falcone
  • ThermoFisher: John Black,, 330-949-7265
  • Roche: Angel Dawes,, 317-521-3175
  • Sigma: Randy Litteral,, 419-744-0764
  • New England Biolabs:
  • Qiagen: TBD
  • Bio-Rad: Justin Kirit,, 412-801-3653
  • Sequencing Service:

Current Stockroom Vendors

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific LogoRocheImage result
  • Cell Signaling Technology ®
  • Qiagen
  • Molecular Cloning Laboratories (MCLAB)