prion-cases-examined-by-prion-center Table of Cases Examined

About the Center - Personnel


Director      Dr. Jiri Safar

General oversight of NPDPSC, including all administrative functions, staff, and budget.  General scientific leadership.  Direct oversight of immunodiagnostic and molecular typing of human prions including neuropathology, DNA sequencing, and WBs.  Development of new rapid diagnostic and molecular typing methods based on conformation-dependent immunoassay (CDI).
Co-Director Dr. Mark Cohen

Clinical neuropathology – histopathological and immunohistochemical diagnostics.

Co-Director Dr. Brian Appleby

Clinical follow up and diagnostics for human prion cases.  Relations with caregivers and patient families.  Together with the NPDPSC manager, nurture relationships with surveillance personnel of state public health departments, neurologists, other medical care personnel, and the CJD Foundation.

Co-Director Dr. Clive Hamlin

Laboratory Director; CLIA regulatory issues and certification; technical responsibility for clinical activities and quality control of diagnostic CSF prion tests.

Associate Director Dr. Wenquan Zou

Western blot prion strain typing.

Manager Andrea Webb

Provides financial, operational, supervisory and program/grant management support, ensuring the smooth functioning of the center and its programs.

Contact Information for the NPDPSC: 
Phone: 216-368-0587