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Student Life

Student Life

Representing a Diverse Group

Our medical students are men and women with various ethnic and racial heritages, interests, and educational backgrounds who come from all over. Many of them majored in the biological sciences as undergraduates, and others had majors such as history, computer science or engineering. They come from various geographic regions. Some came to medical school straight from college, and some gained research experience or built other careers first. Their interests and goals are varied as well.

Despite all their differences, however, our students have a few things in common. They're bright, passionate, loyal, and, most importantly, happy!

Student Advising

There are four advising societies at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Medical students will remain members of their assigned societies throughout their time in school and beyond. The groups aim to foster close relationships and a sense of community among the students, and the deans of the societies are serving as mentors, helping students navigate the curriculum. As the students progress in their education, the society deans will provide advice on residency and career planning. Learn more about student advising.