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Training + Access

New Users

Follow the steps below to get your research started at the Imaging Core as quickly as possible.

1. Contact Us
We can assist at any point in your study: conceptualization, planning and implementation. We can provide guidance on study design, budget, and IRB or IACUC submissions. Contact us at or 216.844.5434.

2. Complete Safety and Instrumentation Training
Any individiual requesting access to the Imaging Research Core must complete a brief general orientation to the facility. Users wishing to conduct scans on their own must also complete modality-specific training. Depending on your study and regulatory requirements, proof of additional training may be necessary (Environmental Healthy & Safety, Human Subjects Research)

3. Request Facility and Scheduling System Access
After completing all applicable safety training, return the signed Imaging Core User Agreement and submit a facility access request via email to Please include the following information with your request:

  • Full name
  • Current job title (eg, Graduate Student, Postdoctoral fellow, Undergraduate)
  • PI's name

Upon completion of these steps you will be given access to our facility.

You can obtain access to our scheduling system via iLabs (

Existing Users

1. Study Progress
It is the responsibility of the principal investigator or study coordinator to inform the Imaging Research Core of changes to any of the following:

  • Regulatory status
  • Protocol amendments
  • Billing account number (Speedtype)
  • Study closure

2. New Projects
Contact Core staff to obtain an imaging request form for all new study or submit a New Project request via ilabs.


Modality-Specific Training Questions

Title: Contact to Register:
General Orientation  Mondays at 10:30 AM Michael Kavran
MRI Monthly (Monday afternoons) Bernie Erokwu
Optical Imaging (Spectrum, Maestro) Monthly  (First Mondays and Thursdays) Michael Kavran
PET/CT* As needed Michael Kavran

*Please contact CWRU Envrionmental Health & Safety to complete Radiation Safety and X-Ray Safety Training prior to attending PET/CT training in the CCIR.