Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC)


Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC) is a collaborative program where Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), MetroHealth, and University Hospitals provide free documented training in the protection of human subjects in compliance with NIH research educational requirements. 

CREC Program Requirements

To obtain CREC certification, all study team members conducting research with human subjects must complete the initial core training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program prior to beginning research activities. CITI is a subscription-based provider of research educational content. 

Initial Core Training for CREC Certification   

The initial core training for the CREC certificate is one of the following courses. Credit will not be provided for both courses, choose one course relevant to your research or discipline.

  • Group 1 Biomedical Research Faculty, Staff, and Students
  • Group 2 Social and Behavioral Research Faculty, Staff, and Students
Maintaining CREC Certification

To maintain CREC certification, program members must obtain 12 credits every 3 years. Failure to obtain credits will result in removal from the program. Once a member is removed from the program, they must complete the initial core training through CITI to recertify.

Transferring Prior CITI Training and Affiliating

You can add the Case Western Reserve University CREC program as your institution to link prior training by affiliating through CITI. Once this is completed, email to have your training modules assessed. CITI is a subscription-based provider of research educational content. You may be required to complete additional training based on local criteria and funding sources.

CREC Approved Training

CITI Courses 

 A list of CREC-approved courses in CITI. 

CITI Webinars

A list of available webinars. The CREC-approved webinars are indicated by the number of credits.    

CREC Recorded Seminars and Quizzes (1-4 credits per seminar)

This option allows CREC program members to view some of our past seminars and take an online quiz for credit. CREC program members that have completed the initial core training can use this option. The CREC team receives a copy of all completed quizzes. Your CREC account will be updated within one business day.

CREC Seminars and Webinars                                                                       

The CWRU Office of Research and Technology Management and the UH Office of Research Integration & Education work together to offer a variety of seminars and webinars throughout the year that has been pre-evaluated for CREC. The events that qualify for CREC will have the number of credits listed. To see a listing of upcoming events click the links below. 

CWRU and UH Upcoming Research Education Events 

Additional Free GCP Courses (6 credits)

Please send a copy of the certificate to to receive credit. 

    CREC Credit Application

    Appropriate education and training activities that are not listed on this site (such as departmental or external seminars and conferences) may also qualify for CREC. Credits are awarded based on the amount of time dedicated specifically to a discussion of the ethical conduct of human subjects research. You can apply for credit individually or for a group. The Office of Research Administration will accept applications, with appropriate supporting documentation, prior to the event or upon its completion.

    Complete the CREC Credit Application‌ and attach: 

    • Program agenda
    • Seminar handouts
    • List of attendees

    Submit the application to

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) Requirements

    In October 2000, NIH instituted the requirement that grantee institutions provide documented training for all key personnel listed on NIH grants. For more information about this requirement, please go to the following NIH information site, NIH Requirements for Education.

    Investigators who need training documentation for NIH grant submissions should submit a letter to the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration for approval and signature.

    NIH Training Certification Letter Template

    Effective January 1, 2017, NIH established the expectation that all NIH-funded investigators and staff who are involved in the conduct, oversight, or management of clinical trials should be trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), consistent with the principles of the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) E6. 

    This policy expects investigators and clinical trial staff to maintain their GCP training every three years. Free GCP training offered through the CITI Program and the additional options listed above will be accepted as sufficient training for the new policy

    CREC Contacts

    Yovonda D. Rease 
    Research Integrity and Education Manager

    Luke Wieszczyk 
    Research Training Manager