Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC)

The Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC) is a collaborative program between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), MetroHealth, and University Hospitals, offering free documented training in protecting human subjects. This training complies with NIH education requirements

CREC Program Requirements

Before beginning research activities, each study team member conducting research with human subjects must complete the initial core training through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. CITI is a subscription service that offers research-educational content. 

Initial Core Training for CREC Certification   

The initial core training for the CREC certificate is one of the CITI courses below. Select the course that is most relevant to your research or discipline. Only one of the courses will be eligible for credit. The CREC team manages the CREC program's CITI platform and receives notifications of all completed training. Your CREC account will be updated within two business days. 

Group 1 Biomedical Research Faculty, Staff & Students Group 2 Social and Behavioral Research Faculty, Staff & Students

Maintaining CREC Certification
Program members must acquire 12 credits every three years to maintain their CREC certification. Failure to attain credits will result in removal from the program. Once a member is removed from the program, they must complete the initial core training above.

Transferring CITI Training and Affiliating
Transfer current CITI training by affiliating with the Case Western Reserve University CREC program. Once affiliated, email Additional training may be required based on local criteria and funding sources.
What is current?  Training completed within the last two years.
Are CITI certificates accepted? No. CITI completion reports are required.

CREC and CITI Resources 

Add a Course Register & Add a Course Research Ready 
FAQs Register or Log in CITI Research @ CWRU
Important-to-Remember Start a Course in CITI Quick Guide

CREC Approved Training 

CREC program members who have completed the initial core training described above can renew their certification using the options listed below. The CREC team manages the CREC program's CITI platform and receives notifications of all completed training. Your CREC account will be updated within two business days. 

CITI Courses and Webinars Recorded Seminars and Quizzes

CWRU and UH Research Education               
Throughout the year, the offices of Research and Technology Management at CWRU and Research Integration and Education at UH collaborate to provide a variety of pre-approved seminars and on-demand training in UH GPS. The amount of credits for CREC-eligible training will be stated. Review upcoming training at CWRU and ​UH. The CREC team receives biweekly and monthly updates on training completed in the UH GPS system.

Office for Human Research Protection (OHRP) Training                     
Balancing Risks and Benefits 2 What is Human Subjects Research (Lesson 2) 5
Equitable Selection of Subjects 2 What are IRBs (Lesson 3) 4
Minimizing Risks in Research 2 IRB Review of Research (Lesson 4) 5
When HHS Regulations Apply (Lesson 1) 2  Institutional Oversight of Human Research (Lesson 5) 4

Please send a copy of the completion certificate to to receive the credit amount shown above.  

Program for Readability in Science and Medicine (PRISM) | 4 credits
PRISM plain language communication training will help research teams improve the readability of consent forms and other participant materials.

Please send a copy of the completion certificate or a screenshot of the "Course Evaluation & Completion (Page 55)" to to receive credit. 

Additional GCP Courses | 6 credits
NIAID Learning Center NIDA Clinical Trials Network Society of Behavioral Medicine

Please send a copy of the completion certificate to to receive credit. 

    CREC Credit Application
    Research education and training activities not included on this page (such as departmental or external seminars and conferences) may also be eligible for CREC. Credits are awarded based on the amount of time and information dedicated to the ethical conduct of human subjects research. You can apply for credit individually or for a group. Applications are accepted with appropriate supporting documentation (program agenda, seminar handouts, list of attendees), before the event or upon its completion.
    Complete the CREC Credit Application,‌ attach the supporting documents above and email

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) Requirements

    NIH Good Clinical Practice Training Policy
    NIH-funded investigators and staff involved in the conduct, oversight, or management of clinical trials must receive training every three years in Good Clinical Practice (GCP), consistent with the principles of the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) E6Review the free GCP training offered through CITI or the additional options listed above.
    NIH Training Certification Letter Template
    Investigators who need training documentation for NIH grant submissions should submit a letter to the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration for approval and signature.

    National Science Foundation (NSF) Requirement

    NSF Responsible Conduct of Research Training Policy 
    Since 2010, the National Science Foundation (NSF) has mandated responsible and ethical conduct of research (RECR) training for trainees at every career stage—undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral. A recent update on July 31, 2023, now extends this requirement to principal investigators and senior personnel.
    Select one of four CITI RCR courses in biomedical research, humanities, physical science, or social and behavioral research. Download the instructions for adding the course for new CITI users or current CITI users. This training is not eligible for CREC. CITI notifies the CREC team of completed training. 


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    Research Integrity and Education Manager
    Research Training Manager