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Dr. Clifford Harding having a discussion with a male student

Research Mentors

As a member of PREP, you will get to research with our highly skilled faculty on their NIH supported programs. Choose from wide array of areas.
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Program and Training

Our program offers one year employment in research. You will receive math and science training, GRE workshops and seminars, and graduate application assistance.
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PREP Scholars

PREP aims to aid underrepresented minority students interested in biomedical research careers. A PREP Scholar's goal is to obtain a biomedical PhD and become a research leader.
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Welcome to PREP!

The CWRU PREP is designed to support recent underrepresented minority college graduates who plan to pursue research doctoral degrees and careers in biomedical research. The program offers a paid research experience with seasoned investigators in active and dynamic laboratories.

Outcomes of PREP at CWRU

  • 60 total Scholars admitted to CWRU PREP over past 10 cohorts
    • 21 males & 39 females
    • 26 Puerto Rican students
    • 19 African American/Black students
    • 14 Hispanic students
    • 1 Native American student
  • 60 outcomes
  • 59 of 60 Scholars completed CWRU PREP - 98%
  • 49 of 59 Scholars entered Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D. programs - 83%
  • 47 of 49 Scholars that entered Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D. programs finished degree or are still in those programs
    • 4% attrition versus app 30% national average
  • 9 PREP Scholars earned Ph.D. (Ramos, Muniz, Reyes, Criado, DeLeon, Babilonia, Ward, Perez, Allen)
  • 16 of 49 Scholars that entered Ph.D. programs matriculated to CWRU SOM - 33%
  • 6 of 59 Scholars required 2 years - 10 %
    * 2 entered Ph.D. programs, 2 entered MD/Ph.D. programs and 2 entered MD programs
  • 4 Scholars entered MD/Ph.D. programs (Pitt, Emory, UI-Chicago, Michigan)
    * 2 required 2 year PREP and 2 required 1 year PREP

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Application season opens on December 1.

Priority will be given to applications received before January 31. Applicants will be reviewed immediately following this date and offers will be made on a rolling basis.

We will continue to accept applications until our final deadline of March 15th.

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