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catalyzing change

Societal change requires knowledgeable leadership, engaged civic commitment and informed policymaking. Central to these functions, however, is education.

studentsThe education of future social justice leaders, and the ongoing training of those already in the field, is a core function of Case Western Reserve University's Social Justice Institute. By emphasizing the roots, processes, structures and manifestations of inequality and social justice in action, the institute emphasizes a truly unprecedented, university-wide curricular program designed to equip and empower agents of change.

The institute embraces and rewards engaged thinking that bridges classroom knowledge with hands-on experience through interdisciplinary academic programs and other opportunities for growth.

In more recent news, the SJI's first introductory class dedicated to social justice --SJUS 100: Introduction to Social Justice -- is being offered during the 2014-2015 academic year. For more details, visit our course information page here.

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new for 2014-2015: social justice minor program

Educating future leaders throughout the University is central to the vision and mission of the Social Justice Institute and its alliance-based work. We are now in the processing of seeking approval for the SJ Minor Program! Click here for more details.