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Social Justice Institute

Fellowships in Social Justice

Fellowships in Social Justice

Shaping Change

Working toward equal access to opportunity for all people through understanding and addressing the root causes of social injustice and developing innovative solutions

To achieve the Social Justice Institute's mission, we support innovative and synergistic research and scholarship.  To that end, the Institute has established a fund for seeding research that social justice work from humanistic inquiry to action research.  Members of the university community are encouraged to apply for our fellowships - to uniquely shape both the university's efforts to combat inequality and other local, national and global issues.

Undergraduate Fellowships

We invite applications from sophomore and junior students who are interested in carrying out research or designing and implementing a project connected to social justice in any discipline.  Download the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Research Fellowships [PDF]‌ for information about how to apply.  Up to two fellowships, each in the amount of $2,000, may be awarded annually.

Graduate Fellowships

We invite applications from graduate students who are seeking funding to support research for their M.A. theses or Ph.D. dissertations.  Fellows will have the opportunity to carry out research or projects related to social justice in any discipline.  Download the 2017-2018 Graduate Research Fellowships [PDF]‌ for information about how to apply.  Up to two fellowships, each in the amount of $3,500, may be awarded annually.

Faculty Research Grants

Funds are available for grants of $2,500 to $10,000 to tenured or tenure-track faculty members or other faculty who can demonstrate long-term commitment to social justice at CWRU.  The funds will support research connected to social justice in any discipline. The proposed research may use field-specific primary and/or secondary sources.  This may include research in archives and manuscript collections, artwork and musical scores, data collection and analysis, and examination of existing databases and literatures.  Download the 2017-2018 Faculty Research Fellowships [PDF]‌ for details. Up to four grants may be awarded annually.

Existing Course Re-design Grants

This grant program encourages integration of social justice elements into existing courses. Faculty who wish to re-design a course currently in the undergraduate curriculum to include a significant focus on social justice should apply.  Successful applicants will receive a stipend of $2,500 to be spent on travel, materials and/or research assistance needed for course re-design.  Typically, courses are re-designed in the summer or fall semester and offered to students the following spring.  Once courses have been redesigned, they may be designated as suitable for inclusion in the Social Justice Minor program at CWRU. Download the 2017-2018 Faculty Course Re-design Grants [PDF] for more information.

Contact the Social Justice Institute at 216.368.7568 or for more information.