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Sustainability Curriculum

Case Western Reserve University offers many opportunities to integrate sustainability into your studies. Whether you want to craft your educational career around sustainability, or just take a few classes to learn more about environmental science, social justice or economic vitality, CWRU offers many ways to engage, and learn about sustainability.

A great deal of classes within many disciplines include content that relates to sustainability. This list is ever evolving and may not be complete. Please check with professors to ensure sustainability content.

  • ANTH 103 | Introduction to Human Evolution
  • ANTH 107 | Archeology: An Introduction
  • ANTH 319 | Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences
  • ANTH 366 | Population Change
  • ANTH 382 | Anth/Ecol Perspectives Natural World
  • BIOL 114 | Principles of Biology (non-majors)
  • BIOL 214 | Genes, Evolution,Ecology
  • BIOL 306 | Dynamics of Biological Systems, II Math
  • BIOL 310 | Field Studies in Evolutionary Ecology
  • BIOL 321 | Design Analysis Biological Experiments
  • BIOL 336 | Aquatic Biology
  • BIOL 351 | Principles of Ecology and its Lab
  • BIOL 384 | Reading & Writing Like An Ecologist
  • ECON 102 | Principles of Microeconomics seven sections
  • ECON 373 | International trade
  • EECS 342 | Introduction to Global Issues
  • EECS 342I | Global Issues & Sustainability, travel India
  • EECS 374 | Advanced Control & Energy Systems
  • EEPS 110 | Physical Geology
  • EEPS 117 | Weather & Clinate
  • EEPS 119 | Geology Laboratory
  • EEPS 303 | Environmental Law
  • EEPS 305 | Geomorhology & Remote Sensing
  • EEPS 321 | Hydrogeology
  • EEPS 303 | Environmental Law
  • ESTD 398/399 | Seminar in Environmental Studies
  • HSTY 346 | Guns, Germs, Steel
  • MATH 224 | Elementary Differential Equations
  • PHIL 384 | Ethics & Public Policy
  • SOCI 113 | Critical Problems in Society
  • SOCI 380 | Social Movements & Social Change
  • STAT 201,312 | Statistics for Life Sci or Sci/Engr
  • STAT 325 | Data Analysis and Linear Models
  • UCAP 395Aa | Engage Cleveland Capstone
  • USNA 287S | Society & Natural Resources
  • USNA 288J | Sustainable Energy
  • USSO 286L | Exploring Non-profit Organizations
  • USSO 288Y | The Secret History of Corporate America
  • USSO 289K | Justice in Globalizing Environments

The following Engineering courses are good electives but may come with pre-requisites; check with instructors

  • ECIV 361 | Water Resources Engineering
  • ECHE 360 | Transport Phenomena for Chemical Systems
  • ENGR 225 | Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer
  • EMAE 325 | Fluid and Thermal Engineering II
  • EMSE 349 | Materials for Energy & Sustainability

The following are Medical school courses that may be open; contact instructor

  • INTH 484 | Global Health Epidemiology
  • EPBI 431 | Statistical Methods I

Undergraduates at Case Western Reserve University have the opportunity to major or minor in this multidisciplinary program. Students will learn about the societal consequences of our industrial environmental impact, and explore the many complexities of environmental problems and solutions. This is a great opportunity for both individuals seeking a career in an environmental field, those who want to offer future employers a value-added and diversified skill set, as well as those seeking a better education of the world around us. Learn more at the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Program's page.

Students pursuing a PhD in Management have the opportunity to extend their formal studies by one year for research and a series of seminars on sustainability, design, and complex systems. This program offers students an opportunity to utilize their knowledge from diverse studies within business, to challenge themselves to think about our world’s greatest environmental and social challenges. The program is ideal for those seeking a future career in research and academia, and offers the opportunity for individuals to learn about how the greatest problems of our time can be solved through sustainable business practices. Learn more at Weatherhead's site.

In addition to the the undergraduate major/ minor and PhD program, CWRU offers sustainability-focused programs.  Many other academic programs have sustainability as an integral part of their required learning outcomes.  Students completing these programs will acquire skills and knowledge directly related to sustainability:

  • BSE Civil Engineering

  • Minor Civil Engineering

  • BSE Systems and Control Engineering

  • BA Environmental Studies

  • Minor Environmental Studies

  • Executive MBA

  • Full Time MBA

  • Part-Time MBA (Cohort)

  • Masters of Positive Organizational Development