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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

My computer was stolen. What do I do?

In the event a computer is lost or stolen at CWRU, it is important to first contact Campus Police at 216.368.3333. They will assist in filing a police report and in attempting to locate the stolen device. If the computer is a machine owned by CWRU, the faculty or staff member will need to speak to their supervisor to ensure that a replacement machine is ordered. For student and personal machines, the device owner bears the responsibility of ordering a replacement. Discounts on computers are offered through eStore.

If you work with research in the Secure Research Environment, contact the CWRU Service Center at and indicate that your computer was stolen and you are an SRE user.

How can I teach my staff and colleagues more about information security?

Contact us at We can provide brief or extended trainings on information security from the handling of restricted information to basic and intermediate technical cyber safety education.

Why is information security important?

  • Securing your computer is an important step in preventing intruders from stealing valuable information stored, such as credit card and bank information as well as ID and password data. In addition, some thieves can also access your computer's resources such as hard disk space, your processor and your Internet connection.
  • More than 90% of computer compromises are due to fraudulent email campaigns, where users click on nefarious links.
  • There are steps that you can take to safeguard your device such as choosing smart passwords, backing up your work, and installing anti-virus programs, firewalls and encryption programs.
  • Go to for more assistance on keeping your computer safe. You can also try OnGuard Online at