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KBA 1723 Linux VPN

KBA 1723 Linux VPN

About VPN at CWRU

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software is used to remotely connect to the campus network, and yet appear to on-line resources as though you are directly connected. This software also helps secure your computer on the network so that traffic to and from your computer is encrypted.

The provider for VPN software at CWRU is Cisco AnyConnect. It is available at

Install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on a Linux Machine

* The instructions are demonstrated on an Ubuntu 9.10 system. Installation will vary with each Linux system.

  1. Open the downloaded installation file in the archive manager. Extract the install files to a convenient location.
  2. Open the ciscovpn folder.
  3. Run the script in a terminal window as the root user. For example:
    [root@linuxhost]# cd ciscovpn
    [root@linuxhost]# ./
  4. The AnyConnect VPN client is installed when "Starting the VPN agent…" and "Done" appear in the script.
  5. The client files are installed at /opt/cisco/vpn/bin.
  6. To start the GUI, cd to the /opt/cisco/vpn/bin directory and type ./vpnui.
  7. The AnyConnect GUI starts. Enter into the Connect to field.
  8. Click the Connect button. You will be prompted for your Case Network ID and password before the connection is established.