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Creating a Requisition


This guide explains how to enter purchase requisitions.  You will also see how to view the status of your requisition.



  1. From the Main Menu, click the eProcurement link.
  2. Click Requisition link.

  1. This is the Create Requisition screen.

    The Request Options box is a dropdown menu of requisition options to choose from. You may either choose from the dropdown or options in the center of the screen.
  2. Click the Requisition Settings link.

  1. Enter Your Speedtype. This is best used when creating orders with multiple lines.
  2. If an Event Chartfield applies to this requisition, enter it in the Event field. Click on the Magnifying Glass icon to locate it in search results.
  3. Click OK button when finished.

  1. Click the Special Requests link to begin placing your order.

  1. Enter your item information on this page.

    1. Enter Item Description
    2. Enter your price
    3. Quantity
    4. Unit of Measure
    5. Category
    6. Supplier ID

    Once these steps are completed, click Add to Cart Button. This will put the item into your shopping cart shown at the top. You will notice that the icon with the shopping cart now has 1 item in it.

  1. After you have completed the process of ordering items, click the Checkout box.

  1. From the Checkout – Review and Submit screen, you will review your items, and verify that all information is correct. Here, you would also add a Speedtype if you did not enter a default one under Requisition Settings.

    Add comments to the Requisition Comments section if necessary.

  1. After reviewing order, click the Check Budget link.

  1. After reviewing message, click the OK button.

  1. After checking budget, click the Save and Submit button. If you need to save the requisition for later, click the Save for Later button.

End of Procedure.