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Printing a Requisition


This guide explains how to print requisitions.



  1. From the Main Menu, click the Purchasing link.
  2. Click Requisition link
  3. Click Reports link.
  4. Click Print Requisition link.

  1. This is the Requisition Print screen.
  2. Click the Find an Existing Value link to look up requisition.
  3. Enter the Requisition ID you wish to review and print.
  4. Press the Search button.

  1. From the Print Requisition Screen, select the statuses to include in print from the Statuses to Include menu. To include all of them, click the Select All button.
  2. Click the Run button.

  1. Click the Check Box for the requisition you want to print. Click the OK button.

  1. Click on the Details link.

  1. Click View Log/Trace link.

  1. Click the PDF link.

  1. From the PDF screen, press the Printer icon to print requisition. Press the Diskette icon to save requisition to your hard drive.
  2. Close the Report window.
  3. Close the Report Manager window.

End of Procedure