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Online Security Form

Online Security Form

Completing Online Security Form for PeopleSoft Financials Access.


The Online Security form is used to request and grant access to employees who will be using the PeopleSoft Financials system.  Access can be requested for eProcurement, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Reporting, Travel and Expense, and Petty Cash.  Information that is entered on the security form includes contact information for the user and the identification of the user's supervisor and/or approver.  The form is available online through PeopleSoft Financials.  Those who are requesting access must have a supervisor that can log into PeopleSoft Financials.


Log in to PeopleSoft Financials to get started.

  • From the Main Menu, click the CWRU Online Security Form link.
  • Click New Security Requests link.


  • Enter the Case Network ID of the person requesting access in the Case Network ID field.
  • Press the Enter key


  • The EMPLID and the name of the person appears. Verify this is the correct person.
  • If the person had a prior security request, information about the request(s) will appear below the name along with the buttons to change or inactivate the existing security.,
  • Click Add User Profile button.
  • If a person has access that needs to be changed or updated, click Change User Profile button.

On the Online Security Access Request Form located in the Security Access Request tab, enter the phone number of the person requesting access in the Phone Number field. Make sure to include 10-digits in this format: xxx/xxx-xxxx. Also complete the Fax Number, Building, Room #, Department ID and Supervisor Network ID fields. You can search for building information by clicking the Look Up button.

The following information is pre-populated:

Case Network ID: CWRU Network ID of the person for whom the form is being completed
Name: Name of the person for whom the form being completed
Requestor ID: The CWRU Network ID of the person completing the request
Requestor Name: The name of the person completing the request
Employee ID: Employee ID of the person for whom the form is being completed
Request Status: Status of the request

Select the items that requires access to use. Make sure to enter the Requisition Approver’s Case Network ID in the field provided. The requisition approver must have a higher level of approval authority.


Purchasing / eProcurement

Submit Requisitions: Authority to submit Purchase Requisitions

Inquire on Requisitions/Purchase Orders: Authority to view Purchase Requisitions that were entered by themselves or by others

Requisition Approver's Case Network ID: If applicable, enter the name of the person that will approve requisitions after they have been entered. (Please note that all requisitions exceeding your approval authority will be routed to this person first.)

Requisition Approver (Name): This will populate after the Network ID is entered.

No Approval on Requisitions: Authority to create requisitions but cannot approve them.

Approve Requisitions - $0 - $5,000: Authority to approve Requisitions up to $5000.

Approve Requisitions - $5,000 - $20,000: Authority to approve Requisitions up to $20,000.

Accounts Payable Section

Submit Payment Requests: Authority to submit Payment Requests.

Inquire on Vouchers/Payment: This person can view Payment Request and Vouchers that were entered by them or by other users, please check this box. If not, leave it blank.

General Ledger Section

Enter Journals: Authority to enter Financial Journals either online or through the Spreadsheet Upload interface.

Department Deposits: This access is given by default to all PeopleSoft Financials users. It is automatically checked.

Petty Cash Section

Petty Cash: Authority to enter Petty Cash Vouchers.

Travel and Expense Section

T & E Option: Authority to enter Travel and Expense related requests.

Click Reporting Access Request Button.

On the Reporting Access Request tab, enter the 6 digit Department number for access to be given in the Department field. In addition, select the check boxes of the additional items to narrow or expand access rights.

*** Please Note *** If no access to Financials Reporting is requested, this section can be left blank. It is not required to fill out the Reporting Access Request to complete the security form.


Department: The 6 digit department ID 

Dept Rollup: Department rollup allows access to all Departments that roll up to the Department entered. 

All Projects: All projects associated with the primary department and rollup departments if applicable. 

RES: Research Speedtypes (must be associated with the Department selected). 

OSA: Other Sponsored Activity Speedtypes

TRN: Training Speedtypes

SPC: Special Projects Speedtypes

END: Endowment Speedtypes

CIP: Construction in Progress Speedtypes

AGY: Agency Speedtypes (must be associated with the department selected)

For narrower Row Level Security, enter the Selected Project Speedtypes in the Project Row Level Security section.

Project Row Level Security

Specify a list of projects. The list will be limited to the projects which reside in the department(s) you have specified in the department Row Level Security.

  • To preview the access that will be granted, click the Preview Row Level Access button.

  • Review for accuracy the results and then Click the Back button to return.
  • To finish the form, click the Submit button.
  • Click the Save button if the form is not completed. Remember to return to complete the request. To view the Authorizations that will be required for the form to be complete, click the Authorizations button.
  • Click Reporting Access Request button to return to Online Security Reporting Access screen.

*** Please Note *** The user for which access is being requested, the supervisor and management center will all receive email notification that a request has been submitted. Email communications will follow as the form follows workflow. The end user will receive e-mail notification when the form has been approved and training completed.

  • Click Submit button to submit security request.

  • After receiving message that request has been submitted, click the OK button.
  • End of Procedure