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University IT Policies

Policies related to using IT resources on the Case Western Reserve University campus.

I-1 Acceptable Use of Information Technology Policy (AUP)

I-2 SSN Use Policy

Legal Privacy Notice


Infrastructure Policies & Procedures

Policies related to identity management and network usage.

II-1 Identity Management

II-1a Identity Management for Temporary and Non-CWRU Employees

II-2 Network ID and Account Expiration Policy

II-3 Network Protocols and Use Policy

II-4 PCI Data Transmission Standard

II-5 Copyright Notification Standard

II-6 Network Defense Policy


Information Security Policies & Procedures

Policies related to categorizing and methods of protecting university data.

III-1 Information Types and Sensitivity

III-1a Risk Management Procedure and Risk Assessment Methods

III-b Risk Management Plan

III-1c Controls- Protecting Public Information Systems

III-1d Controls- Protecting Internal Use Information Systems

III-1e Controls- Protecting Restricted Information

III-1f PHI Standards to Augment Tier III Controls: Clinical Research Data

III-1g Email Retention Policy

III-1h eDiscovery Legal Hold Procedure

III-1i Sanctioned Use of Google Apps for Education

III-2 Case UTech Password Change Policy

III-2a University Password Change Policy

III-3a Network Quarantine Procedure

III-3b Incident Response Procedure

III-4 Surplus IT & Computer Equipment Reuse Policy

III-5 Use of Encryption Policy

III-5a Media Sanitization Procedure

III-5b Mobile Device Configuration Standards

III-6 Vulnerability Management Plan

III-7 University Logon Banner Standard