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Service Management

Service Management

Incident Management

UTech has implemented an Incident Management model that pulls from industry standard methodologies, such as ITIL, and from national organizations such as the Help Desk Institute (HDI). This model has been customized for our specific IT environment. In addition, many of the processes and results achieved at CWRU not only compare favorably to other IT organizations across the country, they are considered cutting edge within the sector of Higher Education. Incident Management encompasses our IT Service Desk, UTech resolver teams, ticket tracking, customer satisfaction surveys, and the metrics that help support UTech's data driven approach to providing the best experience possible for the CWRU community.

UTech Service Desk Snapshot

The UTech Service Desk offers 24x7x365 support to the university via telephone (216.368.HELP), email ( or via chat ( With a First Call Resolution rate of over 80%, most issues are resolved by the team. Issues that are not resolved get assigned to a resolver group for further troubleshooting and resolution.

** Metric Definitions:
Average Speed to Answer -
Time elapsed between a call entering the Service Desk phone queue and being answered by an analyst.
% Abandoned -
The percentage of calls in which the callers disconnects after waiting for more than 30 seconds.
First Call Resolution Rate - The percentage of incidents and service requests resolved by the Service Desk without escalating to a resolver team.


View FY 2016-2017 snapshot