4 amazing CWRU engineers you’re going to love learning from

A robotic hand shaking hands with a human hand

Imagine what your future will hold when your engineering education is in the hands of some of the most respected minds in their fields. 

Think that’ll give you a leg up on landing prime co-ops, jobs and graduate school placements? I sure do.  

At Case Western Reserve University’s Case School of Engineering, you’ll learn from—and be mentored by—some of the best engineers in the world.

Who will some of your CWRU engineering faculty members be?

  • A mechanical engineer whose making strides in the field of smart technology, like inexpensive wearable tech and breath-controlled smart home technology.
  •  A computer scientist focused on bringing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to biomedical engineering, breaking down barriers between computers and medicine.
  • A faculty member whose work is at the intersection of engineering and physics—approaching problems like a physicist and offering real-world engineering solutions.
  • A materials scientist who works to understand how materials degrade in use conditions and predict lifetime. That means finding ways to make materials last longer and have less environmental impact. 

Learning from the best, means you can quickly become your best. Let’s build something great together.